About us:

It is because we believe in the important of products development in the country the idea of establishing SATS for Mining emerged to be the one of the pioneers in the fielder of mining wish we hope will be one of the biggest export product of sudan capable of supporting the sighted perspective the company in the light of the these studies took serious steps where it started to get contracts granted by the ministry of minerals in the small mining sector in the northern state and the river nile manifested in the zaytona for mining and maeen for mining wish was the base of Sir Elkhatim for mining though privileges granted to them from here after the operations and scientific thoughtful steps the year 2014 witnessed the star Sir Khatim for mining taking the red sea state as location thereof continue its serious march towards excellence

Our Vision in the field of mining:

Expansion continuity of production are the most important pillars of the business on which our vision is based where there was signing of mining contract as whose goal is to reach internationalism and for intensive production of various heavy metals such as gold chrome iron manganese and copper.

Our mission:

Safe mining taking into account the highest safety standards and continuous improvement of the work as well as access to the best ratios of ore extraction and ensuring of the highest international quality standards.

Projects under implementations:


  • River nile state mine
  • zaytona for mining
  • river nile state
  • maeen for mining
  • the northern state mine
  • Sir Elkhatim company

Analytical methods and date collection:

The company relies on the best system and means of research and exploration and the latest methods for system of remote sensing to determine the nature of the earth and rocks on the earth wish helps to provide the time factor the effort and cost to determine the percentage mineralization and provide the necessary results

Filed studies:

The company relies on latest laboratory testing of rock samples from surface sampling technology and the ground to give accurate information on the a moment of the reserve in deferent location

Camps and states:

Company camps have full equipment for work the field and deal with daily needs and emergence as follows:

  1. mobile workshop equipped
  2. with latest devices equipment and spare part
  3. caravan’s equipment for housing at the highest level
  4. field laboratory for the analysis of samples locally
  5. fully equipped field clients with resident doctor
  6. equipment and mechanisms for work
  7. power generation plant
  8. water tanks and stations are equipped with high-tech


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