About us:


SATS for Real Estate Company was founded through more than 30 years’ experience of founders in the field of real estate marketing.

It has put its mark in the real estate market since its establishment and yet though the bases of the company manifested in the extent of the credibility of the institution in the real estate market and through long years of experience of real estate consultancy and their specialization in marketing and real estate development the company was able to involve a large segment of customer important financial portfolios to finance various investment which is a clear and honest testimony of the strength and excellence of the national economy because the development and real estate investment in particular is a true reflection of the strategy of the economy in any country in the world.

The company for its work relies a range of components including the following:

Choice of distinguished location order to always be pioneers in the business area.

Reputation and credibility:


Through the clear and honest dealing with our customers, we have gained the above that made the company have a board base of customer.

Reasonable prices:


We always try to provide all the options with best offers.

Diversity: by providing a board base of options to satisfy all tastes and all categories.


Services provided by the group : real estate marketing services:



The company provides a rare and exclusive best rates for its customers through which it guarantees an experience of meaningful and profitable real estate marketing.



The company purchases new offers to ensure its continuing excellence in the field to give customers the best options.



The company markets the customer’s real estate wishing to offer the best offers.

Real estate services:

Real estate consultancy: the company provides real estate consultancy though which provides necessary technical real estate shopping information services of property management to provide investment opportunities for the owner and investor.

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