About us:


Sir elkhatim ahmed taha for agriculture and animal production company was founded in 1980 through a small farm that dose not exceed fiveacres to meet some of the local market needs towards covering the need of the Sudanese citizen for seasonal agriculture crops.

Therefore it was the base from which we started to establish one of the largest farms networks in the state of Khartoum in order to be one of the pillars of agricultural exports which we hope will be one of the foundation that support the country’s economy in general and the citizens in particular.


Our Vision:


To create the largest network of integrated farms in the state of Khartoum gadaref state and the northern state to produce export crops through well studies plans with high expertise and on the scientific basics for the production of hijaz alfalfa and mango ( south Africa – jabalia & white butter ) red grapefruit and onions for the global market and the production of nuri 16 orange horse beans potatoes and onions for the domestic market to meet the needs of the Sudanese citizen.

Our Staff:


Our staff operations in the farm network includes the elite of agriculture engineers and researches in the field of agriculture production and trained manpower under the supervision of Professor / Insaf sheikh Idris

The implemented projects:

  1. more than 8 projects in Khartoum state.
  2. rain-fed projects in gadaref state.


Current Products:


  • Mango
  • lemon
  • alfalfa
  • potato
  • onions
  • horse beans
  • grapefruit

Dairy and livestock production farms:


Founded in 1995 in the vallage of dom where it began as a small farm of laocal breeds only then more than 25 Dutch Friesian cows were brought to improve the breeds of the local cows exiting in the farm the matter that leads to better reproduction and productivity in diary and meat.

Now cattle is more than 300 cows and bulls and the existence of an ongoing contarcts to supply milk to the largest diary factories operating in the country such as cabo and a large customer base of individuals and small distribution center.

Production capacity:


Animal production exceeds 8000 liters / week to secure and cover continuing supplies to factories and individual customer the meat bulls are of a good breed and quality of the meat is very good because of the organic nutritional system and good care for the cows by providing them with all the supplements they need to ensure the best nutritional system thus meat quality.


Health care and policies:


Cows receive a weekly visit based on our view and qualified vets to check the health of livestock and provide medical care for the cows as soon as possible.

They also provide vaccination necessary to ensure the veterinary health of cows. Samples are taken from continues blood and stool to qualified laboratories.

New calves are separated from the former cows so we can take care of them better and exericis caution as much as possible.  Primagravida cows are separated to get first-time pregnant cows and also for good care.

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